How To Check For A Mice Infestation

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How To Check For A Mice Infestation

Mice pest control is required more in the colder months as these furry pests gain entry to our homes and make themselves more than comfortable. With the cold weather means that mice will seek shelter from the harsh cold conditions and more likely to take up residence in your home, without paying rent!

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Facts about Mice

  • There are more than 30 different known species of mice.
  • Mice are omnivorous, eating almost anything, always hungry and eating between 15 to 20 times in a night, so they are likely to set up home very near to a food source.
  • Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a 10 pence coin so beware they can easily gain access to your home.
  • With their teeth constantly growing, they will gnaw through anything, including electric cable to grind their teeth down to a comfortable level.
  • Mice are mini gymnasts, being excellent jumpers, climbers and swimmer’s, easily able to jump up onto your kitchen worktops from the floor!
  • Reproducing quickly a female mouse can give birth to her litters from a young age (from the age of 2 months old). One female mouse could have up to 150 offspring in one year alone, think how quickly mice can reproduce and over run your home!
  • Our furry invaders are not potty trained either, constantly leaving small of urine and up to 100 droppings a day as they run around your homes. Running over work tops and food preparation surfaces spreading diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus and weil’s disease.

Pest2kill know that mice pest control in London and Essex areas are a problem and prevention is the best way to avoid a mouse infestation in your home:

Avoid being Over-run! With our Property Checklist:

How To Check For A Mice Infestation | Pest2Kill

  • Check your property for very small entry points, thoroughly inspecting your home, remember they can get through the smallest of holes.
  • Seal any small entry points with wire wool or filler (caulking), even small cracks, everything helps.
  • Spring clean your property, deep cleaning all areas and removing any rubbish from storage areas/gardens.
  • Ensure your food storage is air tight, cereals etc are in sealed containers, stored safely and making it less attractive for your visitors to stay, cut off their food supply.

Remember should you see a mouse in your property, act immediately, do not delay call the professionals to remove the furry invaders from your home. Mice Pest Control, don’t let the situation escalate, act fast before you get over run Pest2Kill offer a same day, 24-hour service to put your mind at rest call 020 7205 2229 and let us sort the problem for you.

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