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Residential Property

Pest2Kill offer a number of pest control services to keep your home free of unwanted visitors such as rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, insects, wasps and many more undesirable guests.

Offering a professional, efficient and effective service, risk assessing your home to ensure that any treatment undertaken would be risk free for your family, pets and friendly to the environment.

Our friendly staff offer a wide range of pest control services which encompass all private homeowner’s needs.


Landlords / Tenants – Tenancy Fumigations

Prior to any tenancy commencement a thorough inspection is made of the rental property.  The landlord should complete an inspection report, detailing any damage to the property and signs of any pest infestations (as part of the Tenancy Agreement).

Where an infestation is determined at the start of the Tenancy, a fumigation will be required to ensure all signs of fleas, bed bugs, moths, beetles, woodworm, ants, wasps, silverfish, cockroaches are eradicated. Prevention is better than cure with many landlords now opting for a professional fumigation of their rental portfolio annually.

Tenants also need to ensure that they keep the property in a good condition, ensuring the property is kept clean to discourage any pests from entering the property.  Tenants who fail to keep the property in a good state of cleanliness could find that they are liable for the cost of any fumigation treatments at the end of the tenancy.

Fumigation is a technique used by pest control experts to safely eliminate 100% of insects and pests from homes and business premises.  Pest2kill’s highly trained pest technicians use the latest fumigation technology to ensure that the problem is eradicated with the minimum disruption to the tenant and landlord.

Pest2kill technicians use a new revolutionary ‘Ultra Low Volume’ (ULV) fumigation system, highly versatile it can be used to target a wide range of insects.  This machine has a huge benefit of a unique timer facility, which allows technicians to set the machine to operate throughout the night without an operator present.  This is a huge benefit to the tenant and landlord as the treatment can be managed out of hours if necessary without any additional costs, as the machine can be set to go during the day.

The versatility of this equipment allows Pest2kill’s technicians to provide the following treatments:


Pest/Insect Control – A low odour chemical is used to prevent and control a wide range of flying and crawling insects. This product is safe to use in residential properties and in food manufacturing companies, catering, hospitality industry, restaurants and food storage units.

Odour Control – Proven to be effective in the control of odours, active against a wide range of foul-smelling mixes, including pungent chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs). Can be used safely in all indoor dwellings, residential properties, commercial and retail outlets.

Disinfection – The ULV disinfecting treatment can be used safely in all indoor dwellings, residential properties, commercial and retail outlets.  Effective in the control of bacteria, fungi and viruses where an infestation such as mice, rats or birds has been eradicated.  The disinfectant treatment will remove foul odours and residue left to ensure the area is safe and will not cause any risk to health.


We understand that finding unwelcome visitors can be distressing so if you suspect you have a pest problem don’t be embarrassed, act fast and call in the professionals. Pest2Kill offer a discreet, reliable and effective service to eradicate your pest issues and help keep your home pest free, contact Pest2kill now.





Pest2Kill offer professional targeted treatments to effectively eradicate unwanted pests from your home.