Top Ten Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home 🐁🐁

Is your home at risk of intruders, mice are resourceful and can gain access through the smallest of gaps, protect yourself this winter!

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Top Ten Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home 🐁🐁

‘Top 10 Ways’ Mice can gain access to your Home! 🐁

Mice, known for their resourcefulness, possessing the remarkable ability to navigate through small crevices and infiltrate our homes. As homeowners in the UK, we frequently find ourselves engaged in an ongoing struggle to prevent these unwelcome visitors. To enhance our defence against them, it’s crucial to identify their preferred entry points. In this blog post, we will delve into the ten most prevalent mouse entry points and provide actionable tips to effectively deter their intrusion.

Top Ten Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home 🐁🐁 | Pest2Kill

Gaps and Cracks

Mice can squeeze through ridiculously small openings, often as little as a quarter of an inch (about 6 mm). Check for gaps and cracks in the foundation, walls, windows, and doors.

Β Openings Around Pipes and Wires

Where pipes and wires enter your home, there may be gaps that mice can exploit. Seal these openings with appropriate materials.

Doors and Windows

Mice can slip through openings around doors and windows. Ensure that doors and windows are properly sealed and use weather stripping if necessary.


Broken or improperly sealed vents, including dryer vents, can provide entry points for mice. Regularly inspect and repair any damaged vents.

Holes in Screens

Check for holes or damage in window and door screens. Even small openings can allow mice to enter.

Roof/Loft Space

Mice can climb, so they may enter through the roof or attic. Check for any gaps or openings in the roof, and make sure that eaves and overhangs are secure.

Garage and Doors

Mice may find their way into your home through the garage. Make sure garage doors are closed tightly and check for any gaps or openings.

Pet Doors

If you have a pet door, it can be an entry point for mice. Ensure that your pet door is sealed shut when not in use or consider getting a door with additional security features.

Food Sources

Mice are attracted to food sources. If you leave food out or have unsealed containers, it may attract mice to your home.


Mice are excellent climbers and can scale rough surfaces. Trim branches and vegetation away from your home to minimise access points.

Top Ten Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home 🐁🐁 | Pest2Kill


What signs do IΒ look out for?

For most individuals, the initial indication of a mouse presence is often the sounds emanating from the loft, ceiling or within the walls. This typically occurs during the evening when the house is at its quietest, as mice, being nocturnal creatures, become more active with the onset of darkness. These creatures navigate down through gaps in wall cavities and floorboards to reach different rooms in search of food and water. The resulting sounds, such as scratching and scraping, may become noticeable, especially when you are preparing to sleep.

Despite their nocturnal habits, mice might access food sources in your home without venturing near bedrooms, making them less audible. The primary evidence of a mouse infestation usually manifests in the form of droppings, often discovered in kitchen drawers and cupboards. Mice can chew through materials, gaining access to cabinets from the rear and beneath kickboards. If droppings are present in your kitchen or other areas, it is highly probable that you have an infestation.

Another sign to be vigilant for is an unusual odour. Mice release urine as they move, and if there are multiple mice in the house, the scent becomes more pronounced. Traces of urine may even be visible on kitchen surfaces and worktops that the mice have traversed. These signs collectively serve as indicators that mice have infiltrated your living space.


How do I get rid of mice?

If you discover signs of mice within your property, it is best to call in a professional pest control company to take care of the problem. Mice can be very difficult to get rid of, it is very important that all signs of an infestation are removed, and that all their entry points into your home are discovered and sealed.

A pest controller has the professional knowledge to detect and eradicate the problem, and will ensure the following:

  • Detect where the rodents are nesting within your home
  • Identify how the mice have gained entry in to the loft or home.
  • Trace how the mice are gaining access to any food source within the home.
  • Treat the infestation and bring the problem under control, this can take numerous visits to ensure problem fully eradicated.
  • Once the infestation is under control, the technician will ensure all entry points are sealed to stop any further rodent issues.
  • Sanitise the area for the client to ensure any odours are removed.
  • Give advice on food storage and any other recommendations on keeping your home rodent free.


Top Ten Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home 🐁🐁 | Pest2Kill


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