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Flea Control & Flea Removal Services In Theydon Bois , Essex

Pest Control for FleasCovering Theydon Bois along with the surrounding areas from Flea Invasions

Are you suffering with Fleas in Theydon Bois, Essex? Pest2kill can help, if you require fleas to be removed in Theydon Bois, then give us a call for an instant quote and eradicate those fleas.

When fleas come in to your property or business, it is a huge concern and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency to ensure your flea problem doesn’t get completely out of hand.

Fleas sometimes pass on parasitic worms and diseases. To really understand the serious implications of this, fleas on your dog or cat can play host to a tapeworm, which can then be transmitted to humans. Luckily the UK isn’t endangered with diseases transmitted from fleas, however they do bite and leave behind red, irritating spots on your skin.

Implementing effective flea control and flea removal to tackle unwanted visitors from your home or work premises. Pest2kill Flea Control Services are your number one choice for all your Pest Control requirements in Theydon Bois Essex

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Flea Treatment and control in Theydon Bois, Essex

Fleas are normally visible to humans; you’ll most often spot them as they jump to or from a host. If you own a house pet, or maybe you have recently moved into a house that has had pets, then you are at risk from flea infestation.

There are 2 types of fleas that cause problems with homeowners and tenants, and they are the Dog Flea (known as Ctenocephalides canis – and the Cat flea (known as Ctenocephalides felis –

Both flea species are between 1mm and 3mm in length, the cat flea is more of a reddish brown in appearance, whilst the dog flea is a slightly darker reddish black in colour with long tapering legs, allowing them to jump huge distances and as high as 16cm.

After feeding on just a single blood meal, a female flea can lay over a hundred eggs (larva) attaching to the fur of your dog or cat.  These eggs are very small (0.5mm in length) and whitish in colour, once the larva hatch small maggots will emerge, these will then fall off your pet into their bedding or carpets. The larvae build a nest in which they mature and, up to 2 weeks after, the adult fleas will emerge.

Flea droppings are best described as resembling ground black pepper, and a careful search of the property may indicate the presence of fleas.

We provide the below list of Flea Control and Flea Removal Services in Theydon Bois:

  • Complete Care – inspection – treatment – prevention
  • Safe Flea Removal / Flea Eradication
  • Flea Prevention Advice to prevent future invasions
  • Both Residential & Commercial (one-off treatments/contracts available)
  • Bespoke, effective Flea Control Treatments
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week Emergency Service available
  • One-time treatments available
  • Contracts available for persistent Flea Infestation Problems
  • Swift, efficient and discreet service
  • Great Competitive Prices

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At Pest2kill our team of hard working flea-controllers can deliver a professional, efficient and effective service, risk-assessing your Theydon Bois home or business making sure that all solutions we delivered  would be risk free and environmentally friendly.

Pest2Kill’s impressive level of service, combined with its clear, affordable, pricing  structure has made us a popular choice in Flea Control throughout Theydon Bois, Essex and surrounding locations.