Flea Infestation, Dulwich

An emergency visit was arranged to exterminate a flea infestation from a visiting stray cat.

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The Problem / Challenge

Miss C was pet sitting a client’s cat at the owner’s property in Dulwich Village, SE21 whilst they were away on their holiday. The clients were away for three weeks, and things were going fine, until the beginning of the third week when Miss C had started scratching and noticed small bite marks on her lower legs. It was then out of the corner of her eye she noticed a small flea move on the cat, realising quickly that there must have been a flea infestation she urgently contacts the owner of the home.  It was then that Mrs B the owner of the home and gave me a call whilst she was on holiday in Portugal, and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site urgently, as the problem needed to be dealt with and the infestation brought under control, so an emergency visit was arranged.

Whilst talking to Miss C it was established, that there had been a stray cat visiting the garden over the last few days, so we were able to put the clients mind at rest as it was likely this is how the fleas had been transmitted.  The client was advised that all the bedding, and cushions on the sofa needed to be washed on the hottest temperature before reuse, this was to be conducted by the house sitter at the launderette whilst we carried out the chemical treatment to eradicate the infestation.

A Chemical treatment was completed in all rooms of the property, including all beds, soft furnishings and carpets in the infested room, and house sitter was advised to not return to the property for at least 3 hours due to the chemical strength, after this it would be safe to return.  That was fine as the house sitter had already booked an appointment with the vet to carry out a flea treatment on the pet cat, whilst the launderette carried out a service wash on all the bedding and cushions, so she would be away from the property until later that day.  The next day we spoke the client to check all was well, to Miss C’s relief the treatment had been successful and no more signs of fleas!

Client Feedback:

Thank you so much for your rapid and efficient response to the flea infestation within our home. As you can imagine this was extremely distressing as we were away on our holiday, and the poor house sitter was left with the problem, and you definitely helped resolve a nightmare situation!  Excellent service, extremely effective, friendly technicians and very professional, we will definitely be keeping your contact information.

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