Flea Infestation In Sofa

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The Problem / Challenge

Mr & Mrs T from London Bridge, SE1 had noticed that they kept scratching when they had been sitting watching TV in the living room, this had happened on a few occasions and then Friday evening Mrs T noticed small bites on her ankles. It was then that she said to her husband that she thought there was an issue, as she only felt itchy when she was watching TV.  Mr T told her to get up off the sofa and he started to remove all the cushions, it was then he thought he see something jump and that is when they both run from the room and closed the door, as Mr T shouted out, we have fleas!  Mr T quickly grabbed the phone to give me a call, and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was essential to attend the clients home urgently, as the problem needed to be dealt with and the infestation to be brought under control, so an emergency visit was arranged for that same evening.

Whilst talking to Mr T it was established, that they had looked after their son’s pet dog whilst he had been away on his honeymoon, and now suspected this to be the reason behind the infestation of fleas.  His wife had let the dog sleep on the sofa whilst he was staying with them, so this was probably how the fleas had got in, with this background knowledge we were able to put the clients mind at rest as it was likely this is how the infestation had started.  The client was advised that a chemical treatment would be required to both the whole house, just in case to eradicate the infestation.

A Chemical treatment was completed in all rooms within the property, including all soft furnishings and carpets.  Mr & Mrs T booked into a hotel for the night, whilst the treatment was carried out as they were advised to not return to the property for at least 3 hours due to the chemical strength, after this it would be safe to return.  That was fine as they had already decided to spend the night in the hotel to get over the shock, so they would be away from the property until the next morning.  The next day we spoke Mr T to check all was well, to Mrs T’s relief the treatment had been successful and no more signs of fleas!

Client Feedback:

Thanks again for attending at short notice and completing the treatment to eradicate the fleas that same evening. Who would know that pet sitting would result in us being infested with fleas! Totally professional service, excellent rates, and very friendly technicians, we will definitely contact you again if we have further pest issues.

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