Severe Office Rat Infestation

A simple eradication of unwanted rat infestation from an office premises in Farringdon.

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The Problem / Challenge

When the landlords agent arrived to carry out an inspection of the office premises based in Farringdon, London on Monday morning, Mr S the letting agent noticed a large amount of droppings on the floor on the first floor of the building.  Mr S immediately alerted the manager of the letting office Mr K to report his findings. With the owners of the building about to prepare the building to be remarketed, Mr K requested that his letting agent carefully check every floor. It was quickly apparent to Mr K that due to the number of droppings and damage found on various levels of the building by his letting agent, that there was likely to be an infestation of rats due to the size of the droppings and the amount of damage.

With the owners looking for a quick turn-around in tenants, it was obvious that the situation needed to be dealt with, so Mr K phoned the owners of the building immediately for help. It was then that Mrs C the owner of the building gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with prior to the agents being able to re-let the property, so an emergency visit was arranged. Within 25 minutes of the initial call we attended the office premises in Farringdon, London and it was immediately apparent with signs of rat activity on most floors that this was a large infestation. It was going to need an intensive programme to treat the rat infestation and make the office premises safe once again.

With the office premises currently unoccupied, it was imperative to the client to carry out the works immediately to ensure the property is made safe from vermin.  To accommodate this our technicians got to work putting an initial 7-day intense monitoring programme in place, ensuring both the interior and exterior of the building was treated, visiting each day to treat and bring the infestation under control. Once the initial 7-day intense treatment was completed the office premises was once again rat free.

Client Feedback:

Thank you so much for your rapid and efficient response to the rat infestation within our office building in Farringdon. As the tenant had just vacated, it was very important to our business to get rid of the rats as soon as possible, so we could re-let property.  This was an excellent service, very effective, the technicians were very friendly and professional in a difficult situation. Extremely informative and rid us of our problem.

 The office premises had a serious rat problem that was treated with boards and traps and we now are rat free.  I can’t believe how swift and accommodating you were with your visits; making it a priority to make the unoccupied property safe.  Your team of technicians had a very friendly manner and along with the competitive pricing, we look forward to working with you after taking out your recommended monthly monitoring contract for the interior and exterior of the building to make sure we never have any such pest control problems again

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