Rat In Bathroom, Islington

The mystery of the large hole in the carpet that turned out to be a large rat and not the work of moths!

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The Problem / Challenge

When Mrs R arrived to visit her elderly aunt who she cared for in Islington N1, she noticed that quite a large hole had formed in the living room carpet, Mrs R asked her aunt what had happened as it wasn’t there the previous morning when she had visited. After discussions Mrs R realised that her aunt was unaware of the hole in the carpet or how it happened, so she got on her knees to investigate further, the hole was large, edges were all frayed, she thought this must be moths eating at the carpet, as there was no other explanation, how else would the hole have gotten there as her aunt’s mobility was minimal so it wasn’t as though she could have made it.

Mrs R decided it was best to get in the experts, so after an internet search of pest controllers in her area, she immediately gave us a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with urgently due to her aunt’s ill health, so we arranged a same day visit for later that morning.

On arrival, Mrs R showed our technician where the hole was in the carpet, advising him that it wasn’t there the previous day when she visited, this then rung alarm bells, and looking at the damaged floor, he knew this wasn’t moths!   Explaining to Mrs R that this amount of damage could not have been done in so short time span by moths, he had to break the news that this damage was due to something chewing at the carpet, and more likely we would be looking for a rat.  It was then that Mrs R’s aunt shouted out that she had heard load scratching noises in the night but thought she was imagining things.  The technician then carried out a survey of the flat and it was when he checked the bathroom, he found a large hole and a load of fresh rat droppings behind the toilet waste pipe.

To resolve the rat infestation meant a two-pronged approach, firstly to bait the area to eradicate any rats within the flat.  Secondly to ensure that the hole where the rats were gaining access was repaired to prevent any further issues. The baiting of all areas was carried out that day and an appointment was made with Mrs R to return a few days later to check on progress.  Luckily for her aunt she had use of an en-suite bathroom so keep the door closed to the main bathroom until our return visit.

On our return Ms R reported they had heard a noise, but he had waited for us to check the bathroom.  When we inspected the bait boxes, we found four rats on the rat traps, which were removed from the property.  The bait boxes were then re-baited, repaired the hole around the waste pipe to ensure no further access could be gained and again we arranged to revisit a few days later.  On our final visit we again checked the bathroom and was pleased to inform Mrs R that no further rat activity was found, and the infestation had been bought under control.

Client Feedback:

Thanks to the technician for such a rapid same day response, couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, so good with dealing with my elderly aunt, couldn’t recommend any more highly, total professionals!

 Your technician had an extremely friendly manner, very compassionate and with your company’s competitively priced pest control services, we will definitely be keeping your contact information should we ever have any such rat problems again.”


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