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The Problem / Challenge

It was the first week of the second COVID-19 lockdown, Mr V the owner of a retail fashion shop based in Islington, N1 decided to clear the old stock from basement storeroom whilst the shop was closed.  When he was moving stock in the basement, he noticed that there was a large number of droppings under the boxes, some of the packaging protecting the stock had been gnawed through and that there was a strong unpleasant stench.

Mr V wasn’t sure whether he was infested with rats or mice, but knew he needed to have it investigated as the situation could escalate and the whole store could be affected.  With the store closed to the public, Mr V was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get a specialist out due to the pandemic, so he made an urgent call to me to see if I could help.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was likely that Mr V of Islington, N1 could have a rat infestation in his storeroom, and with the country in the middle of a pandemic it was obvious that they had sought shelter, looking for a food source.  It was imperative to attend the site as soon as possible, as an infestation of rats needs to be dealt with quickly to bring the situation under control.  It was arranged with Mr V that we would attend the same morning of his initial call.

On the technician’s arrival at the shop, it was immediately discovered from the strong odour in the storeroom that it was a rat infestation. The storage racks and floor area were full of rat droppings and it was quickly established the rats were gaining entry through a gap in an air brick straight into the basement storeroom.

To resolve the rat infestation, it meant a two-pronged attack, firstly to bait the storeroom area to eradicate any rats within the basement.  Secondly to bait the shop floor area to ensure that the infestation was contained to the storeroom, so that the rats didn’t cause any further damage upstairs on the shop floor. The baiting of all areas was carried out that day and an appointment was made to return a few days later to check on progress.

On the initial return visit Mr V reported they had been no issues within the shop floor, but he had waited for us to check the storeroom.  On inspection of the bait boxes in the storeroom, we found nine rats, which were removed from the property.  The bait boxes were then re-baited, we then repaired the damaged air brick to ensure no further access could be gained, and again we arranged to revisit a few days later.  On our final visit we again checked the storeroom and was pleased to inform Mr V that no further rat activity was found, and that the infestation had been bought under control.

Client Feedback:

Thanks to Pest2kill’s technician for the rapid same day response, especially in the pandemic, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the professional service, I couldn’t recommend any more highly! 

Your technician had an extremely friendly manner, he was truly knowledgeable, happy to answer my questions, and quelled my concerns, with your company’s competitively priced pest control services, I will definitely be keeping your contact information should I ever have any such pest control problems again.

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