Rat In The Care Home

After finding a rat in their Care home, nurses called Pest2Kill for immediate help and future control

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The Problem / Challenge

When the early shift care nurses arrived at the Care Home in Upminster on Tuesday morning, it was with great shock that a nurse came across a rat running around the bedrooms on her morning rounds.  The nurse Immediately reported the issue to the Care Home Manager.

Mrs W the Care Home Manager knew that the problem needed to be dealt with immediately, with elderly residents in her care, many having serious health conditions, having vermin running around in a patient’s bedrooms was unacceptable. Even though it was very early, at 6am Mrs W gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as it was possible that it may not be just a single rat, but the Care Home may have an infestation.  As the client was extremely upset and concerned to the safety of her elderly patients and staff member’s we arrived at the Care Home in Upminster within an hour of her initial call.

On arrival at the Care Home we quickly got the situation under control.  The nurses moved all the patients safely to the day room so they would be out of harm’s way, allowing us to tackle the rat problem.

Within 30 minutes we had managed to contain the rat in one of the patient’s bedrooms, making it easier to control the situation and safely remove the rat from the Care Home.  It was quickly established that this was a lone rat and no other rat activity inside the Care Home was found. It had probably gained access through an air brick or took its opportunity to take shelter when a door had been open.

The Care Home in Upminster was situated in a remote open area, surrounded by fields and woodlands.  When we assessed the building, we noticed that even though the Care Home had had taken pest control prevention internally, it was the perimeter of the Care Home that needed attention to ensure no further visits from rats and other vermin.  We advised Mrs W the Care Home Manager that a baiting programme needed to be put in place and the air bricks covered to ensure the residents were kept safe.

Client Feedback:

Thanks to the team for your efficient and rapid response, I know it was an early callout!  Our Care Home residents and staff safety is of the upmost importance, so having the rat problem resolved was of great concern to us.  Your professionalism, competitive rates and friendly approach to tackling the initial call out to resolve the rat problem made it an easy decision to take on our advice and use your services permanently.  We are very pleased with the baiting programme in place and the proofing work carried out to ensure that the Care Home has no further unwanted residents! The trusted relationship we have built up has meant you are now our only choice for any Pest Control issues that may arise.

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