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The Problem / Challenge

When the morning reception staff arrived at the Hostel in E1, London on Thursday morning they already had two back packers waiting to speak to them, Miss M the head receptionist was first at the desk and straight away knew there was a problem.  The backpackers had checked in a few evenings before and was staying for a week to sight see around London.  However, it was clear straight away that their stay wasn’t going to plan, it was difficult to find out what exactly the problem was at first as they were shouting and very upset.  Miss N calmed the situation and finally discovered that some of their clothes were covered in small moth holes where they had placed them in the wardrobe when they unpacked.

Miss N immediately alerted her superior at the Hostel, Mr W as she knew that if the moths were not dealt with, they could infest the whole hostel. It was then that Mr W who managed the Hostel gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with before the moths infested all the rooms in the Hostel, as this would be disastrous for the Hostel.

Having established from Miss N that there was a very high turnover of backpackers to the Hostel, and it was likely that the moths had been bought in as they regularly checked the rooms for infestations to ensure these problems are managed, so it seemed this would be the reason for the infestation.  A Chemical treatment was required to room infested and any rooms nearby, including the corridors leading to the rooms.  A second fogging fumigation treatment was also carried out to destroy any airborne moths.

Due to the strength of the chemicals used once the treatments are carried out there should be no access to the area for a minimum of 3 hours.  Miss N managed the guests’ rooms that needed relocating, moving them away form the area so the treatment could be carried out safely.  The following day we contacted Mr W the Hostel Manager to ensure that the treatment had been successful, he confirmed that he had spoken to Miss N, and that the Hostel was now moth free and all guests compensated and moved back to their rooms to enjoy the rest if their holidays!

Client Feedback:

Thanks again for your help with this delicate matter, attending at such short notice and completing the treatment to eradicate the moth infestation at our Hostel! As you can imagine as a business, we have to put our guests first and you managed the situation superbly! Friendly technicians, offering a professional service at a competitive rate who sorted the problem, quickly and inconspicuously, would highly recommend, excellent service

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