Charity Shop Moth Infestation

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The Problem / Challenge

When the volunteers opened the charity shop in Hornchurch RM11, on Tuesday morning they collected the bags of clothes that had been left outside from closing the previous day, Mrs P the shop assistant took the bags through to the storeroom to be sorted through later when the shop was less busy, and they carried on their usual duties. Later that afternoon when the shop floor was quieter, Mrs P went into the back storeroom to start sorting through the donations she had put there that morning.  As she untied the last bag she jumped back as a load of moths flew at her, after catching her breath she ran out of the stockroom shutting the door firmly behind her to stop the moths escaping.

Mrs P immediately alerted her superior at head office, Mrs A as she knew that if the moths were not dealt with, they could infest the whole stock within the shop. It was then that Mrs A from the charities head office gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with before the moths caused any damage to the shops stock, and as they were a charity this would be devastating.

Having established from Mrs P that the moths had been brought in from the donations left the previous evening, it was imperative to contain the situation, before any moths escaped to infest the rest of the clothing and other soft furnishings that was stored on the main shop floor.  A Chemical treatment was required to both external and internal areas to the storeroom, and also the corridor connecting the storeroom to the main shop floor to eradicate any larvae that may have been carried in the bags.  A second fogging fumigation treatment was also carried out to destroy any airborne moths.

Due to the strength of the chemicals used once the treatments are carried out there should be no access to the shop for a minimum of 3 hours.  As it was now near to closing time, Mrs P received authority to close the shop 30 minutes early, so the treatments could be carried out keeping the staff and customers safe as they wouldn’t access the premises until the following morning.  The following day we contacted Mrs A at head office to ensure that the treatment had been successful, she confirmed that he had spoken to Mrs P, and that the shop was now moth free!

Client Feedback:

Thanks for attending at such short notice and completing the treatment to eradicate the moth infestation at our Charity Shop! As you can imagine it would have been devastating if we had lost our stock! Professional service, competitive prices, friendly technician who sorted the problem, quickly and discreetly, would highly recommend, great service

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