Bed Bug Infestation

A Bed & Breakfast establishment realised that they had a Bed Bug Infestation, and so an urgent visit was arranged to eradicate the problem

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The Problem / Challenge

Upon arrival of the early shift on Monday morning at the Bed and Breakfast based in Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 the head receptionist Miss P was met by a very upset resident who was covered in bites over her arms and lower legs.  Miss P immediately informed the head of housekeeping and asked her to investigate the cause, whilst she calmed down the guest.  The head of housekeeping hastily entered the guest’s room, pulled back the bedding finding black track marks and spots of blood on the sheets.  The head of housekeeping quickly realised that the signs pointed to a bed bug infestation so updated Miss P immediately of the seriousness of the problem.

With the head of housekeeping advising Miss P about how quickly an infestation of bed bugs can spread between rooms, it was obvious that the situation needed to be dealt with, so Miss P phoned the owner of the bed & breakfast immediately for help. It was then that Mr N the owner of the bed and breakfast gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with prior to the infestation spreading to any of the other guest rooms, so an emergency visit was arranged.

Whilst talking to Miss P it was established, that the prior booking staying in the infested room had been a backpacker, and it was then that we could put the clients mind at rest as it was likely this is how they bought them in to the bed and breakfast.  The client was advised that all the bedding needed to be washed on the hottest temperature before reuse, this was done by housekeeping whilst we talked treating the infestation. With the bed and breakfast being fully booked, it was imperative to the client to carry out the works with minimum disruption to the staff and staying guests.  The corridors leading to the guest rooms were also sprayed to prevent spread of the infestation to the other rooms.

A Chemical treatment was completed on the mattress, soft furnishings and carpets in the infested room, and the guest was moved for the rest of her stay to another room that the bed and breakfast keep free in case of emergencies.  A further appointment was then made for the following week to repeat the process again.  On return the same treatment was carried out even though the client had seen no further signs of bed bugs, but it’s better to be totally sure so that the bed and breakfast would be bed bug free.

Client Feedback:

Thank you so much for your efficient and speedy response to the bedbug infestation within our Bed and Breakfast. Due to our London location our guest rooms are fully booked, 7 days a week and so it was extremely important to our business to get rid of and bedbug infestation as soon as possible.  Excellent service, extremely effective, friendly technicians and very professional in a difficult situation.  The bed and Breakfast will definitely be keeping your contact information should we ever have any such pest control problems again.

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