Bed Bug Infestation In Headboard

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The Problem / Challenge

Mr R and his wife from Islington had slept very restlessly, constantly itching their skin, when they had turned on the bedroom light, they had discovered they were covered in itchy red bumps on their upper body and lower legs.  When Mrs R pulled back the quilt cover, she screamed, as this is when they noticed spots of blood on the sheets.

When Mr R pulled back the mattress protector, he found near the headboard black dirt marks on the mattress and quite a few small moving bug-like creatures and this is when his wife went into total panic, screaming that they have bed bugs.  Mr R then called me for help as he thought they had bed bug infestation.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

Clearly it was important to the client that the problem was resolved immediately, so it was arranged to attend the property that morning.

On arrival at Mr & Mrs R’s property in Islington, it was immediately apparent that the headboard was infested with bed bugs and the whole room would need to be treated to stop the infestation spreading further to other rooms.

Whilst talking to Mrs R it was established, that they had redecorated the bedroom and purchased a new headboard that had arrived the day previous, and it was then that we could put the clients mind at rest as it was likely the headboard had been infested in storage and this is how they bought them in to their home.

The clients were so distressed that they decided they would prefer to dispose of the new headboard and all of the bedding and replace with new. A Chemical treatment was completed on the mattress, soft furnishings and carpets in the room, a further appointment was then made for the following week to repeat the process again.  Even though the client had seen no further signs of bed bugs, on return the same treatment was carried out, to be totally sure that the property would be bed bug free.

Client Feedback:

Thank you again for the kind, friendly and professional service, you were extremely kind to my wife.  She was absolutely panic-stricken to think we had bed bugs, but thanks to the rapid same day response, we are now bed-bug free! Your advice both prior to and after the treatment to contain the infestation was extremely informative and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services, very reasonably priced for the same day service and especially pleased with the results.

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