Ant Infestation in Garden, Upminster, RM14

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The Problem / Challenge

It was finally a warmer day so Mrs R from Upminster, RM14 decided to give the garden a spruce and get summer ready, it was then that Mrs R noticed that there were hundreds of ants crawling around the entrance to the patio door. As she bent down to investigate, she then noticed that they were gaining access inside through the bottom of the door frame and were starting to swarm over the floor. It was quickly apparent that ants had built a nest just under the frame of the patio door and was out of control.

With more ants finding their way over the door frame and into her kitchen Mrs R gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

Evidently it was important to the client that the problem was resolved immediately, so it was arranged to attend the property that morning.

On arrival at the property in Upminster RM14, it was immediately apparent that the ants were nesting under the ridge of the patio door frame, where there was a gap between the door frame and the top of the step entrance.  With the ants now gaining access to the interior of the property, it would be necessary to treat both the exterior and interior to ensure that the infestation didn’t spread throughout Mrs R’s home.

Whilst talking to Mrs R it was established, that she had no pets or children, so it was safe to carry out an intensive chemical spray treatment, without any safety issues to the returning children or pets running around.

A chemical treatment was therefore completed on the external and internal areas that were infested.  A follow up call was made to Mrs R the following day to ensure that the problem had been eradicated in case a follow up treatment was required.  Fortunately, Mrs R confirmed, that the treatment had been a complete success and the property was totally ant free!

Client Feedback:

After discovering ants in my kitchen and patio area, I gave Pest2kill a call, who attended the same day.

 Thanks to the team for your professional and rapid response, I know it was an urgent callout!  I would 100% recommend your services, very reasonably priced for the same day service, and especially pleased with the results.’ 


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