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The Problem / Challenge

Mr & Mrs S from Hornchurch, RM11 arrived back from a weekend break and noticed as they opened the porch door that there were loads of ants crawling all over the porch floor. Once Mr S unlocked and entered the street door, he then noticed that they were crawling through a gap in the beading of the door frame and were starting to spill over into the hall floor.

It was instantly apparent that ants had built a nest just outside the porch entrance and was getting out of control. Mr S gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

Evidently it was important to the client that the problem was resolved immediately, so it was arranged to attend the property that morning.

On arrival at the property in Hornchurch, RM11 it was immediately apparent that the porch and entrance hall were infested with ants and the exterior to the property, and internal areas affected would need to be treated to stop the infestation spreading quickly to other rooms.

Whilst talking to Mr S it was established, that they could use the side entrance to gain access to the property, so it was safe to carry out an intensive chemical spray treatment, without any safety issues to anyone, including their pet dog Lottie, who was kept safely inside, until safe to resume access through the main entrance.

A chemical treatment was therefore completed on the external and internal areas that were infested.  A follow up call was made to Mr S the following day to ensure that the problem had been eradicated in case a follow up treatment was required.  Fortunately, Mr S confirmed, that the treatment had been a complete success and the porch and hall was totally ant free!

Client Feedback:

Thanks to again for arriving so quickly, with such short notice!  It was a great relief to have it sorted so quickly after arriving back of holiday to find the infestation.  Would highly recommend your services, very reasonably priced for the same day service and especially pleased with the immediate results.

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