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The Problem / Challenge

When the catering manager arrived at the Care Home in Brentwood on Wednesday morning, it was with great shock when she got to the kitchen, to find the floor moving in a sea of ants.  The catering manager Immediately reported the issue to the Care Home Manager.

Mr N the Care Home Manager knew that the problem needed to be dealt with immediately, with elderly residents in his care, many having serious health conditions, having ants infesting the kitchen where all the resident’s food was prepared was intolerable. Even though it was very early, at 6.30am Mr N gave me a call as we had been highly recommended by their sister care home based in Upminster that we managed pest control services for, so we arranged an urgent visit

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as it was crucial to contain the ant infestation from spreading.  The care home manager was extremely distressed and concerned to the safety of his elderly patients and staff member’s we arrived at the Care Home in Hornchurch half an hour after his initial call.

On arrival at the Care Home, we quickly got the situation under control.  The care home manager had sealed off the kitchen area so staff and residents would be out of harm’s way, allowing us to tackle the ant infestation.

Within 30 minutes we had managed to treat all the internal areas affected by the infestation and determine how the ants had managed to get into the kitchen.  Our investigation had concluded that the ants were gaining access through an air brick, and the actual nest was situated externally in the grounds of the care home, in an area under the kitchen window.  Our technicians the followed up with an external chemical spray treatment to the exterior of the whole care home, ensuring the nest was eradicated!

We advised Mr N the Care Home Manager that the treatment was successful, but no access to the kitchen for a few hours to ensure no harm came to any staff or residents.  Luckily enough the care home had a staff kitchen on another floor, not as big, but sufficient to keep the residents fed for the day! The next day we followed up with a call to the Care Home manager Mr N, who confirmed that the infestation had been totally eradicated and the main kitchen was back operational, which was a relief to the care home residents and staff!

Client Feedback:

Thanks again to the team for your speedy and professional response, I know the call was early!  The care home residents and staff safety always come first and are of the upmost importance, so having the ant infestation eradicated was imperative.  Extremely pleased with the service, competitive rates, would highly recommend and will call again if we have any further pest issues.

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