Facts about Wasps🐝

Find out more about wasps, how, where any why they build their nests, and how we can help to remove wasp nests from your property

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Facts about Wasps🐝

With the end of winter temperatures begin to rise as we head into the spring months, the ‘Queen’ wasp will emerge from hibernation and choose a suitable location to start building their new nest. It is known that wasps do not return to reuse their old dormant nest, however the ‘Queen’ wasp can set up near a previous nest site. Wasp Nest Removal is a service provided by Pest 2 Kill, read more about wasp nest removal here.

How and where do Wasps build a new nest?

Facts About Wasps🐝 | Pest2KillA ‘Queen Wasp’ will start building her new nest from scratch in spring, it’s a fascinating piece of engineering built by collecting small pieces of wood from garden sheds and fence panels. The wasp will chew these small pieces of wood and mixed with their saliva will form a wood pulp or also described as a paper mache to start creating a nest.

Wasps will avoid damp areas, sheltered from rain they prefer a dark, dry and secluded environment to build their new residence, so beware as a loft area is a wasp’s perfect location, or even your garden shed.

Pest2kill know that wasps in London and Essex areas are a problem and prevention is the best way to avoid a ‘Queen Wasp’ crawling into your loft space or property to build their nest:

Avoid being stung! With our Property Checklist :

  • In springtime check your property, loft spaces, guttering, underneath decking areas, out buildings and sheds.
  • Identify small entry points and wherever possible seal to prevent wasps gaining entry
  • Should your area be prone to wasp infestations, or if you previously have had a wasp nest then try to ensure the area is well lit, add small lighting as wasps like the dark.
  • If you have had previous infestations, then make regular checks during the spring to the infected area.

Wasp Nest Removal in Essex and London

Remember should you find a ‘queen wasp’ starting to nest in your property, act immediately, do not delay call the professionals to remove the nest immediately.  Don’t let the situation get out of control!  Despite rumours wasps only swarm around the nest location should the nest be tampered with or disturbed, the larger the nest gets the more dangerous the situation So do not attempt to remove or disturb the nest yourself, call a professional Wasp Nest Removal Pest Control Service to remove the nest safely. Call Pest 2 Kill on 0207 205 2229. Or send us a message via our contact form.

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