How to remove a Wasp Nest – Safety First!

If you discover a Wasp Nest on your property, then it may be best to get removed, here's some tips

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How to remove a Wasp Nest – Safety First!

How to remove a Wasp Nest – Safety First!

Despite earning themselves a terrible reputation as being an aggressive stinging pest, wasps should only be controlled if they become a problem to humans, otherwise its best to tolerate them, as every living creature has its job, interacting with nature and carrying out its role.

If you discover a wasp nest in your home and the wasps become an issue, then the nest may need to be removed, below are some tips in removing a wasp nest from your property:

Wasp Nest Checklist:

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  • Assess the situation: Take a look at the nest and consider its size and location. If it is not causing immediate harm and is far from human activity, it might be best to leave it alone, as wasps can actually be beneficial insects.
  • Plan the removal: If the nest needs to be removed due to safety concerns, choose a time when the wasps are less active, like early morning or night-time. This way, most of them will be inside the nest.
  • Wear protective clothing: Put on comfortable, thick clothing that covers your body, including long sleeves, pants, gloves, and a hat with a veil or netting. It is also a good idea to wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Use the right tools: Look for a wasp spray or insecticidal dust specifically made for wasp nest removal. Make sure it is labelled for outdoor use and targets wasps. Also, have a long-range spray applicator or a dust puffer on hand.
  • Approach the nest gently: Move slowly and avoid sudden movements that might startle the wasps. Stay calm and confident, as wasps can sense fear or aggression.
  • Apply the insecticide: If using a spray, stand at a safe distance and aim at the nest entrance, spraying the insecticide directly into the opening. If using dust, puff it into the nest entrance. Apply enough to cover the nest and ensure the wasps inside come into contact with the insecticide.
  • Leave the area carefully: After applying the insecticide, calmly and safely leave the area. If possible, close the nest entrance to prevent any wasps from escaping. Avoid standing directly underneath the nest while applying the treatment.
  • Monitor the nest: Give it at least 24 hours to ensure that all the wasps have been eliminated. Keep an eye on the nest during this time to confirm that there is no more wasp activity.
  • Remove the nest: Once you are certain the nest is inactive, gently, and carefully remove it using a plastic bag or sealable container. Seal it tightly to prevent any surviving wasps from getting out. Dispose of the nest in an outdoor rubbish bin.
  • Clean the area: After removing the nest, clean the surrounding area with soap and water to remove any remaining insecticide and get rid of any wasp attractants.

If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with removing the wasp nest yourself, it is always a good idea to reach out to a professional pest control service for assistance.

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Unless your an expert Wasp Nest Removal is not that Simple…

Removing a wasp nest, yourself is not a straightforward task, it requires expert knowledge and preparation.  Wasps can build their nests almost anywhere, in airbrick covers, wall cavities and roof spaces. Depending on where the nest is located can make the job overly complex to access and remove.

So instead of falling victim to the next wasp nest removal DIY disaster, call in the professionals and have the wasp nest removed safely and stress free.  Pest2kill offer a professional wasp nest removal service, call now 0207 205 2229

Pest2kill is s professional pest control company covering Essex and London, our team of highly trained professionals specialise in wasp nest removal and are here to help you eradicate any wasp problem you may have.  Call us today to for further information, our London office 0207 205 2229 or our Essex office on 01708 941521.

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