Commercial Pest Control

Pest2kill offering unrivalled, professional Commercial Pest Control Services throughout London and Essex.

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Commercial Pest Control

Pest2kill offering unrivalled, professional Commercial Pest Control Services throughout London and Essex.

Prevent Unwanted Pests Harming Your Business

When it comes to Pest Control, Pest2kill believe that prevention is always the better way to tackle pest control issues within the work environment Putting preventative measures in place to protect your commercial business premises from unwanted visitors.


If pests infest your business premises, it can be extremely embarrassing, damaging to your reputation and very costly in monetary terms to your business. Pests are an unwelcome sight however, an invasion of pests is not a reflection on you, it unfortunately can happen to any business, whether you run a food establishment, shop or an office complex.

Why should you use a Commercial Pest Control Service

Our Commercial clients are offered a successful prevention and treatment service, tailored to your business needs, averting your vulnerability to pest problems of the following intruders:

Commercial Pest Control | Pest2Kill

Pest2kill Pest Control contracts that are all individually tailored, optimised for maximum efficiency at minimum cost. Providing pest management and treatments in various business sectors, achieving high success rates of pest eradication and control throughout London and Essex.

Our aim is to tackle an eradicate infestations quickly, effectively and at an affordable pricing level, ensuring that the immediate problem is rectified, as well as to investigate and determine the root cause to prevent any re-infestation. Pest2kills technicians are able to respond fast to the situation, with same day appointments available to tackle the pest control issues your business is experiencing.

Having an unrivalled knowledge of the regulations surrounding pest control, enabling us to ensure
that your business is complying with the rules. For businesses requiring regular pest control
management visits, a free no obligation site inspection will be carried out and your requirements discussed, with pest management contracts to your business needs.

Ways to Prevent Pests

A commercial premises can be the ideal place for pests to thrive, with them invading both the building internally and externally. A large part of commercial pest control is in the education of our customers and clients in ways to prevent the pest issue from reoccurring, dependant on the
situation, some examples below:

  • Highlighting the importance of keep kitchen areas clean and sterile, ensuring spills are removed, crumbs and leftover food are disposed of.
  • Emphasising a clean desk policy, ensuring desks are clean and have no food stored, to cut of food and shelter to invading pests.
  • Education on what pests to look out for that could be lurking in office plants, floral arrangements etc
  • Staff or maintenance identifying any leaks within the premises, ensuring repaired, to make sure the pests water supply is stopped.
  • Advice on the waste removal requirements for the business, including food waste, ensuring waste is stored in pest-proof bins.

Businesses that require Commercial Pest Management Services

Pests are not fussy of where they assume residence, they are only in search of shelter and a food source. Therefore, there is no sector of commercial business that is safe and it is imperative that a professional pest management programme is put in place. So, whether you own a restaurant that has cockroaches, a hotel that has bed bugs or a warehouse that has a rat infestation, every type of business is prone to attack. Here are some of the sectors we support in ensuring they are pest free:

Protect your business against the threat of pests, do not let a pest infestation scare your clients, staff, and customers away. No matter what your pest issue, our expert technicians have the right solution for you, call Pest2kill now on 0207 205 2229.

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