Fly Infestation In Coffee Shop

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The Problem / Challenge

When the early morning shift opened the coffee shop in Hornchurch RM11, on Tuesday morning they opened the electric shutters and entered the premises through the front entrance.  Miss R the shop assistant went straight into the storeroom, situated in the yard area to get out the stock to replenish the tables with sugars and sweeteners, whilst her colleague started turning on all the equipment inside the coffee shop. As Miss R entered the storeroom, she jumped back as a load of flies flew at her, quickly shutting the door firmly behind her to stop the flies escaping, she ran and told her colleague.

Miss R immediately alerted her manager at headquarters, Mrs P knew that if the flies were not dealt with, and the flies spread inside into the coffee shop then they wouldn’t be able to open. It was then that Mrs P from the headquarters gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with before the flies infested the whole coffee shop, as closing the shop would be devasting.

Having established from Mrs P that the flies were only found in the storeroom, it was imperative to contain the situation, before any flies escaped to infest the rest of the coffee shop.  A Chemical treatment was required to both external and internal areas to the storeroom, to eradicate any larvae (maggots) that may have already been laid in the storeroom.  A second fogging fumigation treatment was also carried out to destroy any airborne flies.

Due to the strength of the chemicals used once the treatments are carried out there should be no access to the storeroom for a minimum of 3 hours.  As the storeroom was situated in a separate building contained in the yard, it would still be safe to use the coffee shop, so the treatments could be carried out keeping the staff and customers safe as they wouldn’t access the storeroom until it was safe.  The following day we contacted Mrs P at headquarters to ensure that the treatment had been successful, she confirmed that he had spoken to Miss R, and that the shop was now fly free!

Client Feedback:

Thanks for attending at such short notice and completing the treatment to eradicate the fly infestation at our Coffee Shop! As you can imagine it would have been devastating if we had closed the coffee shop for the day! Professional service, competitive prices, friendly technician who sorted the problem, quickly and discreetly, great service, would highly recommend

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