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Wasp Warning!! hot weather brings ‘worst year ever’ for stinging insects

Due to the weather pest controllers have reported that this year has been one of the worst they have experienced for wasp problems. However, hold on as the worst wasp behaviour is yet to come, according to experts, with a warm autumn expected, which will cause a longer lifespan for the stinging creatures.




With the queens heading back into hibernation, the worker wasps will have no purpose and spend the weeks in desperate search of sugar, invading pub gardens, barbecues and al fresco dinners.  This is when wasps start to become more aggressive, attracted to food and your sugary drinks and more likely to get stung.




The British Pest Control Association have reported that pest controllers across the country are having to destroy up to 15 wasp nests a day and that its been the busiest wasp season they have ever had.

All insects will thrive a lot more efficiently in hot weather because it speeds up their metabolism and egg production. Berries, their main food source, are also more abundant in warmer temperatures.  Wasps usually tend to die off when the first frost hits, but if weather predictions are correct then we’re not going to get those frosts as quickly then they’ll possibly even grow in size and breed more.”

The queen wasps hibernate through winter and wake up when it’s nice and warm, usually waking up middle to end of May.  However, due to the early start to spring, this year they woke up in April, the warmer the weather stays the longer they will be around.

So, with a warm autumn we expect to be busy eradicating those wasps’ nests well into October

Should you find a nest do not attempt to remove or disturb the nest yourself, call a professional Wasp Nest Removal Pest Control Service to remove the nest safely. Call Pest2Kill on 0207 205 2229. Or send us a message via our contact form.

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