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Have I got a Wasp Nest?

Certain variety of Bees can be mistaken for wasps – Bumble Bees, Honeybees, Killer Bees, like wasps they do have a similar colouring and also have painful stings! However, there are some distinctive differences between their habitat, nest type and behaviour, which allows us to tell them apart. Unlike Bees, wasps often build their nests in exposed areas, they also look significantly different to bees’ nest, as wasps build their nests using wood fibres, giving them a greyish, paper-like appearance. Bee’s nests vary, depending on the type of Bee, some species will nest underground (known as ‘Mining Bees’), in small mounds, which can sometimes get mistaken as Ant nests. Bumblebees are also inclined to build their nests close to the ground, underneath decking areas, or in composts and flowerpots. With their nests constructed from grass, bark, leaves and wax secretions Honeybees, however like to nest in more sheltered spots, tending to avoid more exposed areas, and are often found under roof guttering or in hollow trees.   Wasp Nest Removal From Pest2Kill  

So now we have established it’s a Wasps Nest, is it necessary to remove it?

Wasps begin to build their nests at the start of spring (mid-April time), with nests usually being active between May to October time, but nests can remain active as late as December, dependant on weather temperatures. If a wasp nest is active, then this can make it difficult to remove. You can determine if a nest is active If you can see wasps going in and out of the nest, or a hole that leads into the cavity that holds the nest, for example going in and out of an airbrick in a wall cavity. It is vital to treat any nest before an attempt to remove it, as removing a nest before the wasps are dead can lead to the worker wasps attempting to rebuild the nest. A typical nest can hold up to 5,000 wasps and their behaviour will depend on weather conditions, for example, a drop in temperature can make the wasps more aggressive.

Can I remove myself, or should I call a Pest Control Company?

Whilst wasps can be beneficial to the environment, controlling garden pests, they can also be a nuisance, especially in the warmer months, being harmful by stinging humans. Although most wasp nests would require treatment in the summer months, wasps can still be a problem throughout the year and would strongly recommend that any wasp removal is dealt with by the professionals. Should you find a nest do not attempt to remove or disturb the nest yourself, call a professional Wasp Nest Removal Pest Control Service to remove the nest safely. Call Pest2Kill on 0207 205 2229. Or send us a message via our contact form.