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Ant Control Essex – In Britain the most common species of ant found is the garden and black ant, however in hotter months we can find infestations of pharaoh or flying ants.  Ants will enter into our home or business searching for food to eat, they mostly like sticky, sweet and sugary food substances.

Pest2Kill offers a range of treatments of infestations of ants and can offer advice on further prevention of further infestations.

During the survey, your pest-control technician will carry out a “risk-assessment” which is basically our way of checking for any hazards on the property / area. We will provide you, where possible, with advice for preventing ants e.g. highlighting any factors that can improve the situation, such as: assess where they are gaining access, cleaning, food storage etc.

Signs of Ants

  • Ants themselves (alive or dead)



Both Inner/Outer Areas Treated
High Risk Areas Sprayed
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Ant nests are usually treated by dusting/spraying insecticide into the nest and around the entrance.

Specific indoor sprays can also be used for controlling ants in localised areas.