How To Prevent Rat Infestations

Are you hearing noises? Or noticing droppings in the bathroom? Then it is extremely likely that you have a rat infestation and they are entering through the drain.

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How To Prevent Rat Infestations

Rat Control in London and Essex, don’t let rats up your drain.  Rats are the unwanted house guest that frequently visits your home, looking for a permanent residence, seeking shelter and food.  Once in your property they can cause serious damage to electrical wiring, furniture, carpets, food items and clothing, carrying dangerous diseases such as Lymphocytic, Hantavirus, Tularaemia and Choriomeningitis which are dangerous to humans.

Rats are able to access your property through various entry points such as through cracks in the building’s foundations, gaps in windows and doors, through the garage or basement, in this blog we look at how they access through our drains.

How do Rats get into the Drains?

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You may wonder how the rats can get into the drains in the first place, however this is more common than you think, Rats have long been connected for dwelling in our sewers.

Rats can access your drains by travelling along the sewer lines, usually in search for food, running along the sewers finding cracks or gaps in the drains to gain admission into your home or business premises, causing serious damage to your home or business reputation.

It is impossible to prevent or remove rats from infesting the sewerage and drainage systems; as there are simply to many of them.  What you can do is prevent the rats gaining access to your properties drains and crawling up inside your residence.

It could be that a property has been left vacant for a considerable period, toilet are left unflushed, leaving the drainage system dry, perfect for rats to run around the pipework.  However, the property does not have to be left empty for the rats to gain access as they are great swimmers! Meaning they can easily swim up the u-bend of a toilet to gain entry and infest your property.

It may be that you do not physically see the rats, however you may find signs of their rat droppings, chewed paper, chewed cables or furniture and when the house is silent you may hear them scurrying around.

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How to prevent Rats appearing up your toilet – prevent them from infesting your drains

Now you know why they say close the toilet lid, this will stop them getting any further, however once you open the lid you will get the shock of your life if you open the lid and there a rat starring back at you.

So what’s the answer to prevent opening the lid and seeing the rats swimming around, well the problem is best solved by the installation of a non-return valve, this will block How To Prevent Rat Infestations | Pest2Killthe rats getting anywhere near to the toilet.    It is possible to block the rats from entering your drain with the non-return valve, which is a stainless steel flap that can be attached to the sewer drain, you can work out which one this is by flushing the toilet and see which pipe takes the waste away.  Once fitted in place, the valve has a flap on the end which allows the wastewater to escape into the sewage system but prevents the rats from entering from the other side as it locks in place.

Time to Call the professionals before the rats get into your drains.

Hiring the services of a pest control company is the only safe way to get rid of rats, using fast and effective treatments to deal with the issue. Preventing further infestation is as important as getting rid of the rats, ensuring that the correct proofing methods are used, including rodent mesh, plugging up disused pipes and installing non-return valves.

If you have signs of rats in drains or sewer pipe in your home or business premises, get in touch with Pest2kill.

Pest2kill is s professional pest control company covering Essex and London, our team of highly trained professionals specialise in rodent control and are here to help you eradicate any rat infestation you may have.  Call us today to for further information, our London office 0207 205 2229 or our Essex office on 01708 941521.

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