Wasp Nest In Drama School Loft

Removing a wasps nest from a Brentwood Dance School with 40 children due to turn up for lessons.

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The Problem / Challenge

Upon arrival at a Drama School in Brentwood on Friday afternoon, Miss T noticed that there were hundreds of wasps buzzing around outside. Once she had unlocked and entered the building, she then noticed that there was a buzzing sound above her head, when she looked up, she could see the wasps entering from the light fitting in the ceiling. It was quickly apparent that wasps had built a nest in the ceiling or loft space.

With around 40 young children due to have dance and drama classes the following day, it was obvious that the drama school was unusable until the wasps were safely removed. Miss T gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the wasp problem needed to be dealt with prior to the children’s arrival, so an emergency evening visit was arranged. That same evening we attended the Drama School in Brentwood and it was apparent that it was going to be a very simple procedure to remove all the wasps and make the building safe once again.

With the building being quite old the light fitting had with age become loose from the ceiling rose and the slight gap had been enough for the wasps to gain through from the loft cavity.  Once we had treated the wasp problem, to put the clients mind a rest we tightened the light fitting and secured and gaps with sealant.

Client Feedback:

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient response to our wasps nest infestation. Our Drama School is in use all weekend and so it was very important to our business to get rid of these pests as soon as possible.
Your timely visit, friendly manner and competitive pricing was all very positive and we’ll be keeping your contact information in the Drama should we ever have any such pest control problems again.

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