Mice Infestation In Takeaway

After discovering a Mice infestation, Pest2Kill were called for a quick resolution to this crucial probelm

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The Problem / Challenge

Upon arrival at his takeaway restaurant based in Tower Bridge on Tuesday morning, Mr D the takeaway owner noticed a large amount of rice scattered all over the kitchen floor.  As he moved towards the store cupboard, he could see that something had eaten through the large bags of basmati rice.  It was once he went to move the bags off the shelving to clear up that he knew what had caused it as he jumped back when a mouse run across his hand. It was quickly apparent due to the scale of the mess that there was likely to be more than one mouse.

With the takeaway due to open in a couple of hours with customers wanting their lunchtime takeaways, it was obvious that the situation needed to be dealt with, so Mr gave me a call and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, as the problem needed to be dealt with prior to the takeaway opening for lunch service, so an emergency visit was arranged. Within 30 minutes of the initial call, we attended the takeaway in Tower Bride, SE1 London and it was immediately evident that this was a larger infestation than they had first thought. It was going to need an intensive programme to treat the mice infestation and make the takeaway safe once again.

With the takeaway due to open to for lunch service, it was imperative to the client to carry out the works with minimum disruption to the staff and customers.  To accommodate this our technicians worked outside the takeaways opening hours, making very early morning visits each day to bring the mice infestation under control and to ensure no customers were exposed to the situation. Once the initial intense monitoring programme was completed the takeaway was once again mice free.  The technicians had also identified the source of entry for the mice, a small hole in a ventilation brick based in the wall at the bottom of the store cupboard.  To ensure there was no re-occurrence of the problem an air brick cover was fitted to stop any furry friends gaining entry!

Client Feedback:

Thanks again for your rapid and efficient response to the mice infestation within our Takeaway. We are open our clients 7 days a week and so it was very important to our business to eradicate the mice as soon as possible.  This was excellent service, very effective, the technicians were very friendly and worked around our business needs. Very competitive pricing and we’ll be keeping your contact information should we ever have any such pest control problems again.

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