Cockroach Control At A London Restaurant

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The Problem / Challenge

Upon arrival at his takeaway restaurant based in London Bridge, SE1 early Monday morning, Mr N the takeaway owner noticed a few cockroaches scuttle over the kitchen floor and retreat under the kitchen units as he entered the kitchen.  As he moved towards the store cupboard, he noticed another couple crawl under the door. It was quickly apparent that it could be an infestation.

Mr N knew that this wasn’t good news, and that he needed to deal with the problem urgently and quickly as he had 8 hours before the takeaway opened, It was then that Mr N gave me an early call at 7am and we arranged an urgent visit.

The Pest2Kill Solution:

We understood that it was imperative to attend the site immediately, so we arrived with the hour, as the problem needed to be dealt with, cockroaches, which breed fast, can often turn into a large infestation.

Having established from Mr N that the takeaway was now due to open in 7 hours, we had to get on top of the problem and fast.  There would only the owner on site until the afternoon, so any treatment would need to be completed quickly. Once we had carried out an inspection, we found that there were quite a few cockroaches, but luckily had caught the situation just in time, any longer and it could have been much worse.

A gel treatment was required on the hinges of all the cabinets, drawer units and door frames of the kitchen, for the cockroach to feed off and eradicate.  A second spray treatment was also carried out to destroy any cockroaches visible on the floor area. Due to the strength of the chemicals used once the treatments are carried out there should be no access to the property for a minimum of 3 hours.  As the owner also lived in the flat upstairs to the takeaway, he could stay safe up there, so the treatments were completed that morning.  We contacted Mr N later that afternoon to ensure that the treatment had been successful, he confirmed that they were now cockroach free and could open the takeaway that evening!  As a preventative measure Mr N decided for us to visit quarterly to carry out a gel treatment on the kitchen to ensure he didn’t get infested again.

Client Feedback:

Thanks for attending so rapidly and completing the treatment to eradicate the cockroach infestation, I know it was an early call! As you can imagine closing the takeaway for any length of time would have been devasting, so it was imperative that the problem was dealt with urgently.  Totally professional service, excellent rates, so impressed we took out a quarterly pest management service with yourselves for both insects and rodents, so now we are definitely pest free!

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